Winner of the City Pages Best Of


Dolores is as likely to catch a person off-guard with her dry humor as with her passionate artistic versatility. Since the age of 16, Dolores has been traveling finding inspiration for artistic expression. As she explored, street artists her best friends inspired her to find and create what she can take beyond the grave – art. Aided by the support of family, friends and artistic peers, Dolores made her way into the tattooing industry, where she found the opportunity to do what she loves as her profession.

An evolving artist, Dolores appreciation for street art remains unabated, though tattooing offers a rewarding outlet. Her love for art is what attracted her to the body modification industry. She finds welcoming atmosphere of the tattooing world’s intimacy. Dolores views tattooing as “another medium to explore the permanency of art,” similar to the principles of street art. “I seek the permanency and the intimacy of every tattoo”.