Winner of the City Pages Best Of


Jake Patrin has been tattooing since 1997. He is very active in his community, and Saint Paul has always been a large part of his life, family, and influence. Jake has been artistic from a very young age, and still enjoys working in the mediums of graphite and colored pencil, as well as oil painting. Jakes illustrative style lends itself to any subject or color scheme, and he enjoys tackling anything from delicately shaded flowers to large scale epic back pieces. Whereas he can execute any subject with aplomb, Jake excels at color horror and fantasy work. After switching to pneumatic machines, his interest in the tools of his trade intensified, and you can often find him tinkering in his home workshop.

Drawn to tattooing early, Jake has refined his craft over years of study and dedication and continues to advance the future of tattooing though incredibly high standards of artistic vision, technical application, and cleanliness.