Winner of the City Pages Best Of

Jared Holte

With his background in the arts, Jared’s dynamic range of tattooing skills encompasses not only tattoo styles ranging from black and gray/color realism and watercolor to neo-traditional and trashpolka, but draws from numerous traditional art styles as well, such as Impressionism, Surrealism, and Cubism.  In particular, Jared enjoys tattooing animal, monster, or human faces, as well as creating “collage” tattoos that incorporate several images into a single, coherent piece.

His personal style uses intense color contrast to create tattoos that resemble expressionistic geometric paintings. 

As an artist, Jared creates tattoos that accent and flow with the body’s shape and energy, creating dynamic artwork that uniquely fits every client.  An avid traveler, he enjoys meeting other artists to continually develop his techniques, as well as truly connecting with clients to better understand their needs and give them art that has depth and meaning