Gambling Counselling in India


Many people find themselves attracted to gambling and can’t control themselves. This can affect a person’s life and lead to problem gambling. Counselling is a free and confidential service that can help you overcome your gambling problems. You can find help at any time of the day or night. However, you must make sure that you find the right gambling counsellor.

Problem gamblers develop after legalization of online gambling

The legalization of online gambling has resulted in an increase in problem gamblers. This is known as the exposure effect. It occurs when a small percentage of people who regularly gamble develop an addiction. However, this initial spike in problem gamblers can be mitigated by the maturation of gambling communities. By allocating a portion of the revenue to support social services, gambling companies can make a positive contribution to the fight against gambling addiction.

Problem gambling has many negative effects on individuals’ health. Studies show that internet gamblers experience more alcohol and drug abuse than nongamblers. Problem gamblers are also more likely to experience disability. In addition, they are more likely to consume alcohol and self-harm.

Legalization of business gambling

One of the most pressing questions in the legalization debate is whether it is an effective strategy for economic development. While there are positive economic impacts of gambling, critics have argued that these gains can be overstated and the negative impacts are trivialized. Legalized gambling may produce short-term revenue gains, but it can also create long-term fiscal challenges.

In addition, legalized gambling increases the number of pathological gamblers, which raises societal costs. For example, a pathological gambler will cost an average of $3,000 to $20,000 per year in rehabilitation costs. For traditional businesses, these costs are hard to absorb. Thus, legalization of business gambling may lead to increased labor costs, including reduced productivity and reduced morale.

Taxes on gambling income

Although different Indian States have different laws regarding gambling, all follow the same basic approach for the collection of taxes on gambling income. The state-level legislation for gambling income tax collection is governed by the Income Tax Act and the Gaming Act. Generally, the levy is collected from the winners of casinos, as per Section 66C of the Income Tax Act. The Law Commission of India has recommended that the Parliament enact a model law for the collection of gambling income tax in India. However, states will have to adapt this model law to their own gambling laws.

In addition to federal income taxation, gambling winnings are taxed in some states, such as New Jersey. Winnings up to $600 are taxed at a federal level, while state income taxes only apply to winnings over a certain threshold. In New Jersey, for instance, you’ll pay a 22% tax if you win over $10,000. In contrast, California doesn’t tax gambling winnings. Multi-state lotteries often withhold federal taxes from winnings, while individual states often also levy state income tax.