Tax Season is the Perfect Season


Dear Friends,

It’s tax season, right? Aren’t we all patiently awaiting the Government to quietly drop large sums of money into our bank accounts overnight like a Big Brother Tooth Fairy…or Santa filling our stockings with cash rather than socks? Well here at The Holy Mackerel we’d like to help you fulfill all of your New Year wishes fueled by tax return cash and make last years dreams come true. Does “‘I’m going to be getting that new piercing….buying that fancy jewelry….AND finishing that sleeve when I finally have the cash” sound familiar to you?! Moral of the story friends….now is the PERFECT time to get that piercing or new tattoo you’ve put off for far too long. Summer is still a bit away which gives you time to heal all this new lovely work you’re investing in!

Come in, lets talk all things piercing & tattoos and get you on the right track to looking shiny and lovely for summer!

All our love,
The Holy Mackerel

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