There’s no better time than now to visit The Holy Mackerel


Yo Homie/Homegirl, seasons are changing and the holidays are coming.
Now would be a great time for ear projects, navels, and nipples, all those things that are a little more tricky to take care of during the summer.
We do do gift certificates for all of our tattoo artists and piercing and jewelry needs!

If you’ve got smaller tattoo ideas we have walk in days Tuesday through Saturday starting after 5pm! These days are great for consultations as well, but remember they are all first come first serve!
So here’s a little rundown of how these days work;
Travis Lee: Tuesday (He no workie Sundays and Mondays)
Alex Morse: Wednesday (He no workie Mondays and Thursdays)
Good Benny: Thursdays (He no workie Sundays and Mondays)
Sam I am: Friday (He no workie Saturdays and Sundays)
Steven: Saturdays (He no workie Tuesday and Wednesday)
Garrett Meyers: He no workie Saturdays and Sundays, gladly accepting new appointments but no walk-ins

Of course if you have any questions regarding any of this information feel free to give us a call at the shop, or shoot us an email which is listed below

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